About FacePaintMI

About Face Paint MI

FacepaintMI is Robin, Carl and Ken Danek. The family operation has been providing fun, creative and original designs for over five years at festivals and events throughout Michigan. Robin Danek is a professional designer with over twenty years experience in the creative arts. Carl Danek is a budding videographer and Ken, as airbrush artist has over ten years experience. We are available individually or as a team to make your event memorable.

Setup and Logistics

The FacepaintMI professionals are self-sufficient and provide everything needed for the project. The only thing we request you make available are table(s) and chairs, although we can provide these if needed.

Top Face Painters in Lake Orion

FacepaintMI is the official face painter for the Lake Orion Zombie walk and the Lake Orion Lighted Parade. For more information on this fun downtown event, visit Ed’s Broadway Gift & Costume in Lake Orion, Michigan.